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“Building a system of support for high-quality R&D&I projects, in particular developing low- and zero-carbon technologies, with a special focus on hydrogen (BSW-H2 for short).”

The project was implemented in 2019-2023. The purpose of the project was to support the enhancement of innovation of Wielkopolska enterprises and scientific institutions through the implementation of tasks to increase demand for solutions, products, services related to low-carbon technologies, strengthening and revision of SIP, which was to result in the implementation of the use of hydrogen technologies in identified IS in the region. The project also envisaged support in the process of working out new R&D projects in Wielkopolska, which are to constitute the innovation of the economy in the future.

As part of the BSW-H2 project, the following activities were implemented:

  • Three strategic and analytical documents were developed: “Strategy for the Development of Hydrogen Wielkopolska until 2030 with an Outlook to 2040”. “The global supply chain and value of the hydrogen economy,” and “Opportunities for the Wielkopolska economy in the implementation of the Clean Planet for All strategy.”
  • The project included the Wielkopolska Hydrogen Platform, established in December 2019, which is an opinion-giving and advisory body of the Self-Government of the Wielkopolska Region in the field of low- and zero-carbon economy, a multifaceted platform for inter-environmental cooperation of business, science, local governments and civil society. The main goal of the WPW is to combine and utilize the potential of its affiliated entities for the construction of a low- and zero-emission economy in the Wielkopolska Voivodeship. Currently, the WPW has 132 members, who work in 4 panels: Business, Science, Local Government Leaders and Civic. Meetings are held once a month. The WPW is a tool within the PPO to integrate the field of hydrogen technology into the IS.
  • A series of events was organized to raise awareness of the residents of Wielkopolska in the use of hydrogen technologies and to create opportunities for cooperation between regional entities in the area of hydrogen economy. The following were organized: hydrogen-themed conferences, Startup Day, Roadshow, H2Wielkopolska Showroom
  • A “Hydrogen School” was implemented to disseminate information on the use of hydrogen, hydrogen technologies and the socio-economic opportunities associated with their application, the impact of the hydrogen economy on the state of the environment, as well as to develop interest in the subject of renewable energy among pupils and students from Wielkopolska. In 2021, the first textbook in Polish was developed, which was used to supplement the curriculum in physics, chemistry, biology lessons with topics related to hydrogen and hydrogen technologies.

    The result of the activities carried out was:

  • Establishment of cooperation, exchange of experience with knowledge with a number of partners from Poland and abroad in the area of hydrogen economy,
  • Increasing the awareness of residents of Wielkopolska about the opportunities and challenges of economic transformation,
  • To include the subject of hydrogen economy in the RIS 2030,
  • Promotion of regional stakeholders involved in the development of the hydrogen economy,
  • Creation of a network of cooperation in the area of hydrogen economy development between entities from Wielkopolska.

    The project “Building a system of support for high-quality R&D&I projects, in particular developing low- and zero-emission technologies, with a particular focus on hydrogen (BSW-H2 for short)” was co-financed from EU funds, Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 1.2 Strengthening the innovative potential of Wielkopolska’s enterprises.

“Economical 2050 – H2Wielkopolska”.

The project was implemented in 2019-2022. The main idea was to strengthen the competitiveness of Wielkopolska enterprises on the international arena, thanks to the creation of a regional low-carbon economy ecosystem. The beneficiaries of the cooperation were micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, local government units, scientific institutions and hydrogen enthusiasts.

Within the framework of the “Economical 2050 – H2Wielkopolska” project, the following activities were carried out:

  • Consulting support was carried out in the area of adaptation of products/services or change of business model to the activities of the supply chain and value of the hydrogen economy for 20 SMEs from Wielkopolska selected through a competition
  • Conducted business promotion supported by the VIELKOPOLSKIE VOIVODSHIP AUTHORITY
  • Access to knowledge was provided, including, for example, analysis of hydrogen markets in Europe
  • Networking support was offered
  • Conducted cooperation with players in the regional and international hydrogen economy market
  • Provided participation in leading global industry events e.g. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2022 in Hannover
  • Activities to increase high-potential business opportunities in the rapidly growing hydrogen technology market

The project involved:

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises:

of the Wielkopolska region
beneficiaries of de minimis aid
potential and willingness to become part of the supply and value chain of the hydrogen economy

Local governments and research and technology organisations:

  • from the area of Wielkopolska
  • involved in the development of the local low-carbon economy
  • aware of development opportunities

*The project “Gospodarna 2050 – H2Wielkopolska” is implemented by the Department of Economy of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region from 2019 to 2022 and co-financed by the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020, Measure 1.4: Internationalisation of regional economy, Sub-measure 1.4.2: Economic promotion of the region.

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