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About us

In 2020, the Board of the Wielkopolska Region approved the Regional Innovation Strategy for Wielkopolska 2030, which main objective is the development of a zero-carbon economy, with particular emphasis on hydrogen. The strategy takes into consideration the perspective of European and national documents such as: Clean Planet for all, European Green Deal, European Commission communication.

The Wielkopolska Region undertakes comprehensive measures for energy security and efficiency in accordance with European policies related to low carbon emissions, green investments and climate neutrality: from exploring new energy sources and increasing energy efficiency to supplying it to industry and households actively participating in the global hydrogen value chain and stimulating the creation of local manufacturing competencies in the field of infrastructure, products and services.

Diversification of the energy production structure is essential. In accordance with the concept of sustainable energy development, activities are focused on increasing the use of various sources of renewable energy and alternative energy carriers with special attention to hydrogen and the development of energy storage together with the local network and regional distribution.

We launch initiatives aimed at: development of zero-carbon economy in our region, increasing the business opportunities for Wielkopolska SMEs in the dynamically growing hydrogen technologies market, dissemination of topics related to the hydrogen economy, creation of a platform for collaboration between SMEs, local governments, science and hydrogen enthusiasts.

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